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Established in 2001, Jack Sprat serves carnivores and vegans side by side in what has been a peaceful culinary experiment! Our slogan is "Fat & Lean World Cuisine" which allows for healthy alternatives with flavors from around the globe. You will find humanely raised meats, local & sustainably caught seafood and lots of vegetarian dishes on our menu. We create a fun & relaxing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Jack Sprat is committed to providing the community of Girdwood and its visitors with the highest quality of food and service. Stop in for weekend brunch or try one of our nightly dinner specials where we evolve with the seasons and let the raw ingredients shine.

Our Menu


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nuts & olives   5 v/gf
dry-cured moroccan olives | spiced nut mix

hominy & red bean chili large 8 small 5 v/gf
add sour cream, cheddar & avocado 3, steak tips 6

yam fries
jalapeño & arugula aioli   11 v*/gf

vegan “nachos”
corn tortilla chips | vegan cheese sauce | portabello & walnut taco meat | avocado puree serrano peppers | scallions | pico de gallo | radish 12 v/gf

white bean & sage puree | prosciutto | fresh basil | honey 10

kodiak scallops*
seared radicchio | grapefruit gelée | candied pistachio | roasted garlic    18 gf

bacon wrapped dates
gorgonzola fondue | parsley   10 gf

gluten free potato gnocchi | pancetta | green peas | zucchini | parmigiano-reggiano  11 v*/gf

mezze plate
hummus | grilled pita | herbed goat cheese | harissa sauce | roasted tomato | preserved lemon kalamata olives | grilled eggplant | port poached figs | house pickles   16 v*/gf*

caesar salad
romaine hearts | parmigiano reggiano | garlic herb croutons | classic caesar dressing   9 gf*

green salad
organic mixed greens | endive | radish | english cucumber | grape tomato fresh herbs | dijon vinaigrette 10 v/gf

b.l.t. salad
apple smoked bacon | organic greens | tomato | cucumbers | gorgonzola |chopped pecans | red onion | grapes | balsamic vinaigrette   16 gf
add to any salad organic chicken breast  10, sautéed shrimp  10, sautéed misty isle beef tips  16


wild salmon gf
garlic & herb roasted fingerling potatoes | leeks | carrots | fried capers
green beans | watercress | lemon & dill vinaigrette Market Price

misty isle farms ribeye* gf
12 ounce grilled all natural angus | juniper rub | house steak sauce | local potatoes
chimi churri | broccolini | roasted garlic 42
with ¼ lb golden king crab 56

alaskan bouillabaisse gf*
golden king crab | prawns | manila clams | seasonal fish
rich tomato broth | saffron | grilled sourdough bread   38  with additional ¼ lb king crab  52

duck breast*
sweet corn & barley succotash | seared golden nectarine | green pea & ricotta puree | arugula | cherry gastrique 36

pad thai v/gf
rice noodles | marinated tofu | bean sprouts | scallions | red chili | bok choy
cilantro | lime | peanuts 24
add shaved duroc pork 6, sautéed shrimp 10, grilled organic chicken 10, misty isle steak tips 13

dol sot bibimbap* v*/gf
jasmine rice | shaved duroc pork | ocean salad | house kimchi | bean sprouts  
sesame seeds | julienne vegetables | fried egg | served in a hot stone pot   23
vegetarian option with portabello mushroom

vegetable curry  v/gf
organic red quinoa | seared bok choy | purple potato | cauliflower | green coconut curry
red beets | daikon | carrot | chili oil  21
add shaved duroc pork 6, sautéed shrimp 10, grilled organic chicken 10, misty isle steak tips 13, marinated tofu 6

fettuccini primavera   v*
grape tomato | asparagus | green peas | summer squash | black kale | preserved lemon
lemon beurre monté | pecorino bread crumbs 24
add house italian sausage 5, organic chicken breast 10, sautéed shrimp 10

gf – gluten free | v – vegan | * with omission


roasted broccolini  6
¼ lb golden king crab 14
sautéed potatoes  5
grilled artichokes 6
jasmine rice  3
house kimchi 4
organic quinoa 6
bread & butter 4


crème brûlée
rotating flavors | caramelized sugar 7

berry bread pudding
cinnamon caramel sauce | whipped cream mixed berry compote 9

chocolate olive oil cake
mascarpone filling | dark chocolate ganache sea salt 10

cashew dream cake
strawberry & vanilla organic cashew filling almond date coconut crust | agave caramel 11

pastry chef laura dewey

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The staff at Jack Sprat consists of experienced professionals dedicated to making your dining experience one to remember. From all walks of life and every corner of the culinary world, we strive to provide you with the best service in the friendliest atmosphere.

Andrew Brown

andrew brown

Executive Chef

After a short stint of tossing pizza in Girdwood, Andrew spent a year traveling Scandinavia and Northern Europe gaining a greater appreciation for sub-arctic traditional foods and techniques. Upon returning, he landed at Sacks Cafe in Anchorage, where he studied under some of Alaska's most innovative chefs in an environment that fostered creativity and encouraged culinary exploration. In eight years at Sacks, Andrew rose from Prep Cook to Head Evening Chef, running one of Alaska's most praised kitchens. In 2014, Andrew joined the team at Jack Sprat where he continues his culinary exploration and his goal of bringing a uniquely alaskan cuisine to our community.


cole bryan

Sous Chef

Cole hails from lovely Southern Oregon. He has been bouncing around the Pacific Northwest for over a decade where he learned in some of top kitchens of the region. These included a range of cuisines spanning from French to Moroccan to Vietnamese and Thai. He landed back in Alaska in 2017 to team up with Chef Andrew Brown. The two spent many years side by side at Sacks Café in Anchorage before parting ways to further their journey through the world of culinary arts, making this an exciting reunion. Outside the kitchen, you can probably find Cole in the woods, surrounded by dogs, or casting away with a cold one on a lake or river. Although bass are a favorite, the beautiful bounty of Alaskan salmon and halibut are a welcome adventure.

Frans Weits

frans weits


Frans is originally from Michigan, but has called Girdwood, Alaska home since 1999. His parents instilled in him the glory of service and the necessity of Nutrition. More than his past, and it does include an “illustrious” campus with a finalized degree, he wants to heal people through the education, motivation and demonstration of Conscious Eating. Frans believes we truly “are what we eat” and the choices we make add up to a lifetime of health or disease.

You will find Frans most days managing daily operations and fine tuning the menu. All work and no play make “Jack” a dull boy so Frans, occasionally, heads up or down the mountain depending on the season.

Jen Weits

jen weits


Jennifer Herrick Weits is co-owner and one of the founding members of Jack Sprat. She believes in the power of raw, fresh ingredients and friendly service in a fun and eclectic atmosphere. Jack Sprat came from a dream she had in college; a place that would serve vegans and carnivores side by side. She lobbies heavily for the "lean" menu items that support our mission to serve fat and lean world cuisine under one roof. She has had the pleasure of working with amazing chefs and servers over the years who taught invaluable lessons in hospitality and friendship. Originally from Michigan, Jen traveled to Alaska from Lake Tahoe, calling Girdwood home ever since.


Pad Thai Dish at Jack Sprat

Meatless Mondays

During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson urged Americans to consume less meat to help win the war. More recently, the movement has gained traction across the country for promoting a healthier diet by consuming less meat and dairy.

Start the week off right with a vegetarian or vegan special every Monday (and we'll let you add extra proteins if you really want)!

The Mediterranean Dream

Jen rocking out in Italy

Explore the old world the best way, through food and wine. Jack Sprat Owners, Frans & Jen Weits, will take you "off the beaten path" in Southern Italy where you will be guests at a seaside culinary hotel. Enjoy hands-on learning through authentic regional cuisine and excellent wine while touring ancient cities that pre-date Rome including two nights on the island of Sicily.

This is an all-inclusive 11 day excursion in the heart of Europe. May 25th - June 4th, 2018.

Registration is open now.


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